NHL Hockey Player viciously Cross-Checked Referee to the Ice during Game! Dennis Wideman Watch as Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman runs over a referee after a taking a scary hit against the Nashville Predators.
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AHL referee David Banfield wears a GoPro helmet cam, giving an up close and personal look at what happens on the ice during a game. The video was shot during…
Find out what it takes to become an ice hockey referee and why it’s so much fun!
A Russian ice hockey player knocks the referee over after he called a hooking penalty. So the referee drops his helmet and whistle then jumps on the player. …
At an MK lightning Match in Milton Keynes, Chris Wiggens and Andre Payette drop their ice hockey gloves and scrap it out just after a face off,  with the lines men powerless to stop them
In 1995, two hockey players fight it out on the ice rink with neither player wanting to back down. As the two big men Steve Thomas and Rico Ciccone head butt and punch each other, the lines man gets punched out of the way as this ice hockey fight continues seemingly out of control.