Ice Hockey – Referee fights player (HD)

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A Russian ice hockey player knocks the referee over after he called a hooking penalty. So the referee drops his helmet and whistle then jumps on the player. …


viperdan1234 says:

Crazy Russian Reality TV Show Fights

IKhantSpel says:

Russia, Biggest Country in the world, smallest brains in the world.

wai tsui says:

Well done on the ref

sc0tte1 says:

Crazy Ruskies lol..

Ryan Delaney says:

Kick His ass ref!!!!! Lol

Matthew Kotwicki says:

In russia reff punch you

Eugen Svistoon says:

In Soviet Russia referee punch you

Paul Fisher says:

Here we see the zebra, normally a fiercely-territorial yet docile species,
resort to aggression.

Fox Mulder says:

Hah russian people are so idiots

TheReignOfReggie says:

How is this HD???? but the refs has some balls I’ll give him that

Andre Houston says:

Wouldn’t call this a “fight”

shmitty312 says:

Give the ref a time oot, eh!?

Mike Nowicki says:

hockey is fucking stupid. kid deserves it for acting like hot shit like
every other fucking kid that plays hockey acts like.

Matt's Universe says:

Only in Russia.

Migo Elmigo says:

In soviet Russia..

Lenni Utunen says:

Ja tuomariki rupes tappelee…

Aa Ron gio says:

Shitty cameraman didn’t even show the contact! And was all over the place
the rest of the time. Par for the Russian course I guess. 

Roller Koaster says:

what the fuck was the cameraman filming, their shiny blades?

Dimitri Guerin says:

Lol hahahaha omg¡!¡!¡!¡!1

point7zero7 says:

shouldve let the ref beat his ass

Snow Angel says:

This is funny cause the players had to break up the fight…. SOOOOOO

Sergeant Craftus says:


Walker White says:

I wish I played hockey :(

Davian Velasquez says:


Jonathan LaFalce says:

That ref was just an ass

Cahoonas Britain says:

A bit of the rough and tumble, with much more tumble on ice.

hockeyflow41 says:

+Mike Nowicki ur just pissed ucuz u probably suck at hockey u gay shit

Hubert Nunes says:


viperdan1234 says:

Real Life “Slap Shot” – Unbelievable Ice Hockey Fights (documentary)

Real Life “Slap Shot” – Unbelievable Ice Hockey Fights (documentary)

Landon Mcginnis says:

Funny thing is that’s a match penalty for hitting the ref minimun of 9
games maximum of 127 so you’re fucked and by best by the ref

douglas lind says:

This only happens in russia

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