In this video, speaks to a bunch of derby girls to learn more about their derby names, as well as what draws them to the sport.
Broadcasted on 9th June 2012 at the “Fight for the Finnish” Event hosted by the Dolly Rocket Rollers.
Broadcasted on the 9th June 2012 at the “Fight for the Finnish” event hosted by the Dolly Rocket Rollers
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Al Qarra – Le CaiRollers est une équipe de roller derby, la première du genre en Egypte. Désormais, l’association souhaite toucher plus de femmes dans le pays, en les encourageant à essayer ce sport de contact sur patins. Le roller Derby est un sport surtout connu aux Etats-unis où 78 ligues féminines existent. Le principe [More]
Croydon Roller Derby take on the Middlesborough Milk Rollers in October 2012.
10 years ago Jerry Seltzer and famed Rolling Stone photographer Baron Wolman published “From Roller Derby to RollerJam,” the most complete account of the original Roller Derby ever written. The book sold out immediately and was never reprinted. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Watch Now >>> An underdog sports story about the start of modern men’s roller derby. Offering a behind the scenes look into the intense subculture that is modern day roller derby This Is How I Roll also poses some important questions. What makes a sport legitimate? Who owns it? Who gets to play? And [More]
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