Top 10 Sports Fights Ever • Football • Ice Hockey • Baseball • Basketball

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Multiple freaking sick sports fights put together and long boring scenes all edited out.So its all fast and the adrenaline doesnt stop! best fights in histor…


Lestari Lahava Desde says:

why don’t the linesmen stop the hockey fights straight away

TheRealTrentPorter says:

I never understood why Artest was laying on the table like he was hurt but
then once a cup came flying in, he went hulk-mode on the crowd. That
football fight was ridiculous though. Kicking in the head and stomping with
cleats. Swinging your helmet as a weapon. Because 250-300 lbs of NFL
strength just isn’t enough to hold your own, right?

Nordique1919 says:

Hockey and baseball fights are the best fights.

EHartHockey28 says:

There are so many hockey fights that are 10 times better than every one of
those baseball and basketball fights. 

Justin Kovalik says:

This is why I hate baseball fights, when two people wanna fight 30
teammates join in -_-

josh Halgren says:

Number 2 sucked

TheLovie999 says:

All MADE IN THE U.S.A.;-))

Al Burbank says:

#1 is shit. Bitchy sport and thats there idea of a fight? haha couple
tackles after the whistle and a few swings and kicks? Absolute joke.
Wouldn’t last a single hockey game cause they might get toe turf. hahaha

Grace Conor says:

Hockey is the true men’s sport 

Andrés Llaque says:

da fuq, nunmber 6, that kick holy shit, that guy is an animal

rich antagonist says:

Unfortunately, when blacks got their rights, they changed all sports into
racially charged violence. The exception is ice hockey, but wait and watch
what happens when blacks start playing ice hockey with more regularity. I
kid you not.
Can’t we all just get along?

united says:

I don’t know a lot about hockey, so is it normal that the refs just watch
the players fight?

uze mughal says:

Uh ….and wth r ppl doing while 2 bunch of ppl fight just standing their
as if it’s a freak show!?.

Alex S says:

haha at number six. He gets surrounded. Wrong neighborhood 

NBA Prime Time says:

No Cincinnati vs. Xavier 

Đăng Khoa Đỗ says:

what about ufc fight???

54Akshay says:

I came here to see football

NightMaze says:

+Al Burbank Yeah, and I’m sure watching a bunch of ice fairies skate is
better. Hockey players fight to compensate for the fact that they are so
much weaker and slower than football players.

Na'Keya Richard says:

Talk about Hotheads! And what’s up with hockey one moment it’s hockey the
next their refereeing a boxing match lol! Guys need to take some chill

J. Payne says:

# 5, @ 2:13, the batter got one shotted…

iTreyyHD says:

0:33 I love how they commentate over the fight XD

Hybrid F/A says:

But i thought baseball was a “no contact” sport…

Bramss Ronaldo says:

What is the name of tje song at 1:00 ?

Marsoc 0372 says:


Kevin Lukas says:

Revenge feels great doesn’t it?

chowder125 says:

@2:04 that guy showed up that day just to fight lol

Pointlessparodys says:

#6 is priceless

fmnma1 says:

What’s the song (instrumental) used in this, anyone know?

Bugsy0508Gaming says:

On number 6, was the guy hit, then he kicked the catcher, then charged the
mound lol

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