Men’s Roller Derby – Battle for the Coast 2012

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A WRDN Gamecast~ This is a men’s modern roller derby exhibition game from Battle at the Coast in Ventura, Calif., between two mash-up men’s all-star teams f…


Kendra Balles says:


LxTxSURGE says:

how do you score points.? 

Jolie Aldrich says:

Girls do it better!

Cynical Alien says:

girls can’t do any sport better…its biology.

Cynical Alien says:

The reason why the average woman is more flexible is because they have less
muscle mass. However if a man were to train his flexibility he could
achieve just as much as any woman. However the same cannot be said about
the biological differences in the lung size, maximum muscle growth and
spacial awareness.

TheMelliano says:

this bout is really good. the skaters have lots of skill and they’re very
bouncy on their toe-stops 😀 however that lady ref seems to call cut track
penalties whenever she wants to,,, there’s some calls she makes that I
would question. anyone else notice this?

Elaiza Whitehand says:

But that’s a lie! Women are more flexible, for example.

Tea Kwakye says:

who is the player with number 911?

mrafternoon32 says:

Id love to try this sport ive skated since i was 5 and im a huge dude this
sport looks fun looking for a place to try out

Cynical Alien says:

Even if cooking was a sport men would still win…

James Brains says:

Thanks for posting!

ChristianLudwig says:

Man,…there’s no more real roller derby tracks or rinks designed for
Roller Derby eh? Everyone seems to be stuck in a basketball court or school
gym? ;p(

Julius Pleasar says:

That’s Collin Ambulance.

Ariam Kif says:

you obviously have not studied biology.

Jolie Aldrich says:

That’s interesting, because I watched a bout last weekend of a male vs.
girl team, full contact, no special rules and the men got their asses

Phoebe H. says:

This sport is for women. Men have every other sport. #sorrynotsorry

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