How to Play Roller Derby : How to Skate Crossovers in Roller Derby

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Learn all about skate crossovers and figure eights in roller derby with tips on how to play roller derby from a roller derby expert in this free instructional video. Expert: Catherine Werst…


Sky1984ful says:


6Twisted says:

Holy shit!.. 140,000 videos!?

clawalk says:

They’re not rollerblades… they’re rollerskates.

BansyHansy says:

i didnt need to learn thr figure 8…

Jett Tanner says:

@clawalk Yeah. Where does it say they are roller blades? Roller Derby only
allows quaad skates. I would know.

Soniclife1 says:

This is isnt showing me how to do anything, this is showing that you can do

KiteSwift says:

@puppetmasterblaster And what do you look like? Unnatractive would be my
guess. Take your sad insecurities elsewhere please.

petejt says:

Yes there are coed teams, and even all-male teams. E.g. v=tC39KNgjfZU,

phall2008 says:

@6Twisted Yeah, but it’s all Expert Village, not just on Roller Derby. 🙂
Expert Village videos are on just about every topic you ever thought of.
Heck, many you never even thought you ever wanted to know about! 😉

ename says:

Thats so cool! And VERY helpful 🙂

earthchick430 says:

Someone also told me (and this really helped me a great deal in mastering
crossovers) to practice crossovers in normal everyday walking with shoes
on. When walking around a corner, practice crossing your legs over. I
didn’t invest much into this but this helped me out loads of times and I
learned just like that 🙂

me says:

she looks terrified

xRockeretter says:

They had free skate tonight, and during the first 5 minutes of free skate I
fell practicing my crossovers and had to go to the emergency room
afterwards. I thought I dislocated my shoulder, turned out to be nothing to
serious, but I have to keep my arm in a sling for a couple weeks now. I’ve
also broken my finger during free skate. I havent even done roller derby
season practices where you REALLY get knocked around. Understand that this
isn’t easy! I’ve only been doing this for two months.

Yu Emmika says:

do you have edges like ice skate?


i cant even do the cone shit, but i still blow the fuck past the so called
super fast “sprinters” who practice at the rink

ImmigrationL says:

Its actually easier for taller women who can master using your stride when
you crossover and don’t have knee issues. Keeping your center of gravity
low during your crossover and putting/shifting all your weight on the leg
underneath you while using your long [sexy ;O)] legs to gain pace in the
turns exit while keeping pace and bearing during entry. Compress like speed
skaters do. We may never be jammers but some of us can skate faster than
them :O)

norsegirl says:

For me, the “ah hah” moment was when someone on my team told me to swing my
arms when crossing over (opposite to your feet, just like walking or
running). Helps the balance a LOT and thus let me loosen up because I
wasn’t as scared of falling. Also, I find that faster is easier. Going slow
you’re wobbly, but going quickly gives you more stability (think about
learning to ride a bike).

LOLFace39 says:

try doing the sticky skate thing

switchyourkill says:

This is pretty helpful

ksam4000 says:

I agree Muffin – it took me a very long time to learn proper & effective
xovers because no one could really explain it to me. WHEN you transfer your
weight was the key for me!

TheDoubletrouble2000 says:

figure skating is better i think so enyway

Sabrina Ortiz says:

@BlobIslandGame Then enjoy busting your ass and complaining.

MsJillVicius says:

Practice gliding on one foot. Skate like you normally would, but you need
to shift your weight to one leg, then lift the other. Start small.

clawalk says:

@MsBotdfLove I was replying to someone else’s post (3 yrs ago). They had
said they were rollerblades…

thoseonedirrties says:

@interferencemusic LOL

HaloofCurls says:

The sticky skate figure 8 is a really good idea, I will have to try that

mnm33341 says:

i slide my foot when i cross but thats only cuz my knee gives out easy i
can still shadow perfectly though!!

BrazenBlitz says:

How long does it normally take someone new to get the hang of roller

xoxoepicrawrxD says:

Eeaasssyy af.

Edu gomes says:

Thanks for the video.

paranoiac_ says:

everyone saying this video isn’t helpful doesn’t know what they’re talking
about. i watched this video about 5 times and when i went to the rink last
night for the first time in years, i taught myself and my friends how to do
crossovers by practicing the figure eights. we had it down in maybe an hour
an a half. and even then, 2/3 of us hadn’t been on skates (not blades)
since we were kindergartners. if you think this isn’t helpful, you probably
already know how to do them.

dfantaxy says:

“You need to convince yourself it’s okay to cross your feet.” It might
sound DUH, but it’s true. I’m a beginner and I have this mental barrier and
I just can’t lift my foot high enough!

Monstafiedkid says:

im WAAAAY better.

IdowhatIwantRJS says:

This is really useful for the rawest of fresh meat such as myself. Thanks
for uploading! Can’t wait to try out this drill tonight!

Domolek says:

valiuchiii you stink, speedskating FTW

luiz pigeonskating says:

im learning a little bit. roller is my passion

acciopants says:

She’s wearing full competition gear, it’s required in a match. These short
tutorials are intended to assist new roller derby skaters; why on earth
would she not also demonstrate the necessary equipment for competition?


@CEODOOOM jammer i mean.

shadowulf23 says:

@CelticPowerRanger u should give inline hockey a go then, its like the next

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