Canada ten-force blows away Germany | #IIHFWorlds 2015

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Canada got four first-period goals and cruised over Germany in Group A play at 02 Arena. Taylor Hall led the attack with three goals, and Matt Duchene had a goal and three assists. In all,…


IIHF Worlds 2015 says:
oilers000 says:

Can the IIHF get some real hockey commentators who actually know how to
commentate a hockey game??? These guys are brutal!

Warsilver says:

Considering Germany beat France… I feel bad that France has to play

Elliott The Gamer says:

Nice goal Sid

Teflon Don says:

These announcers are so bad

toni00737 says:

USA and Canada are OP because big teams are out in nhl like LA,PITTSBURG,

zvolencan1 says:

I didn´t expect any more two-digit results in modern hockey at this level.

Aligator Crocodille says:

Canada will probably be a new champion in 2015, the game has a bug

Sumner Redstone says:

It feels good beating down those eugenicists.
Those soviet KHLers may be Canada’s only real test in this tourney.

Nicko Belic says:

So fuck the germs. They should not be allowed to play hockey

F Dannn says:

Canada looks strong thus far, although it still isn’t Canada’s best
possible roster by a long shot, apparently John Tavares wanted to play but
there is no more room for him. The GM put together the team too quickly.

Lyndon K says:

see how good taylor hall is when he is not playing for a team like edmonton
he dominated!!!!

Algonquin81 says:

Just imagine if Canada has all their best players playing.

NightcoreTKFF says:

Germany got totally shredded.

bubbel hecht says:

hahaha die Deutschen sind ja mal richtig schlecht.
Und was ich am meisten feier ist, dass die TV-Moderatoren immer Deutschland
so gut darstellen und so tun als hätte Deutschland ansatzweise eine Chance
gegen Kanada hätten. ,,Ja,also ich denke schon dass sie das packen könnten”
Russland fickt alle

DiiZ says:

How can this donkey be a official commentator.. Amateurism !!!

Cheesysticks19 says:

All I heard was GOAL CANADA

Tuomas Lampinen says:

Canada is so op in this tournament. Greetings from finland! 

Quentin Raffensperger says:

The commentator is terrible, no way he’ll be working at TSN.

The Crazy Canadian says:

Yaaa Canada that’s how its done boys just swept em eh 

Seahawks2014 says:

What a butchery. Boys vs. men. The last time I saw anything like that was
when Team Czech obliterated Italy at the 2001 World’s. Didn’t think
anything like this was possible anymore.

I know, that team Germany is no match for Canada, but to mail it in like
this? I thought Germans were a hard working team.

Kevin Franzki says:

Takové jatka! Canada are going to the gold medal with their great team in
this competition.

Рустам Юнусов says:

what kind of music?

Steven Leung says:

8th goal for canada

“big goal!”

calekhebry97 says:

I feel bad for the other teams with games like this

Jonne Viitanen says:

Oh my, that was pure slaughter

Cuche7 says:

O Germany your defense is terrible

Myslik22 says:

I was there :)

Daniel Żamojduk says:

Canada vs. Germany 10-0 ! ! ! 😀 😀 😀

Ice Hockey World Cup 2015, Czech Republic

Sieni Keitto says:

I think canada will be win skoda cup 

Nicko Belic says:

such a relentless waste of time for this team to play vs germs. Let the
germs play vs other fags

Asiandeathgod says:

Well. GG. Completely outclassed. 

Petr Krajča says:

Does anyone know the song being played after Canada’s goals?

ZlobnyGopnik says:

You know, germany has eggs to play hockey against canada.
What about football, Canada?

dedsborodoy83 says:

song name please

Emil Sosnin says:

I thought gore was not allowed on YouTube. 

Nicko Belic says:

such a relentless waste of time for this team to play vs germs. Let the
germs play vs other fags

19janus80 says:

Does anybody know the name of the song that is played in the arena after
goals of Canada?

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