Amazing Roller Hockey Goalie Saves

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Sidewinders (2-22-2013) The music in this was made by DJ Digital C and I have permission to use his music.


Chris Fredlow says:

Ok for all the ppl that don’t know the rule… The ENTIRE puck has to cross
the line.. No part of the puck can be touching the line for it to be a goal

total hockey says:

it looks like u are wearing skates like hockey goalie skates

Sam Breneman says:

My goalie is the same way 

_GrassGreenVibe says:

The was puck was past the goal line

Levine 7am says:

i don’t know if you have butterfly or hybrid pads but you have a great
hybrid style! i enjoyed the video!

Bob WeHadABabyItsABoy says:

Chris Fredlow, you are claiming to be a AIHL goalie for HB (Huntington
Beach) Militia. That is a low level minor team and you are the backup for

The AIHL scouting reports show you have played zero games against teams
with winning records (at the time the game was played). Your life record
is listed as 6-1 with your only loss coming to a team that had a record of
0-7 causing your teams first loss of the year. Your recommended position
is listed as m3rd, which means you should be a minor league practice goalie
(not even a backup). Your potential is listed as a 1 out of 5 stars.

I am a former NARCH, TORHS, & USRS champ. Also a former GM for a NARCH Pro
series team, and I would say that the scouting reports have you pined
pretty accurate. You need major work on your hand eye, footwork, and
balance. You look the opposite as the puck indicating you are closing your
eyes, you get your chest to far over your skates and had to catch your
balance a couple of times, and your footwork is just bad.

Best of luck to you and maybe we will see you between pro games at
nationals some day. Keep working on that footwork and I would recommend to
take up juggling as it will help with the hand eye coordination. 

Zach Arias says:

Great saves

Bryce Becker says:
Pphuong1206 says:

These aren’t “amazing”

hockeygod1122 says:

Any way you could watch my latest video and give some pointers being an
inline goalie you kinda just get ignored while the coach coaches everyone

We'reTalkingHockey says:

I don’t really care whether it crossed or not. I thought you were an
awesome tendy in this game and I wouldn’t mind having you as my backstop
any day. And by the way, dirty glove save at 0:43!

hockeygod1122 says:

holy shit that was close. being a goalie im going to give you the benefit
of the doubt and say it did not cross the goal line. but solid video 

Keith Kosmal says:

I love how people are so concerned whether or not it crossed the line,
whether it did or didn’t doesn’t make you any better or worse of a goalie
lol. I enjoyed the video, how long you been playing?

Thai Ngo says:

that was a goal

Beatster81 says:

Nice saves..I’ve only ever played roller hockey.. You slide around
graciously, like you’ve played some ice hockey too..

SGDragonSlayer says:

Love how the title is amazing saves but he lets in a goal lol. And ya that
crossed the line

Chris Fredlow says:

are u an idiot? im the one who is in this video and yes I play on the HB
Militia in the AIHL so that statement made u look like a dumbass

Chris Fredlow says:

o ok… glad to see someone enjoys the videos i make lol

Grace Lunder says:


Toby Rutter says:

I was not talking about you. I enjoyed the video. I was talking to

Chris Fredlow says:

i did read the comment but he deleted the comment so i didnt know you were
talking to anyone other than me

Chris Fredlow says:

yeah well im not disagreeing with you… i play beer league ice with some
friends but are you playing in the AIHL or MLRH or anything really

DebuchyHD says:

It crossed the line

Toby Rutter says:

Yeah you should probably re read before calling people an idiot

Toby Rutter says:

What makes it homosexual?? Any way do you play roller i doubt it
considering your statement,

Chris Fredlow says:

i actually dont have anything on my pads other than 1 layer of red duct
tape to help the wear and tear of the roller rink surface… i just use the
inside of my goalie skates to do my sliding

Cameron Balistrieri says:

nice saves man

Usuk myD says:


Chris Fredlow says:

The entire puck has to cross the line and from the video angle it looks
like it but it didn’t

KrazyGoalie10 says:

Im really sorry about that statement. My team mate logged into my account
and posted that comment. I think that this goalie had some great saves (i
am a goalie myself) and im so sorry about that

MovesLike Jagr says:

it crossed the line

Dwizzle Schrute says:

great stuff here. some amazing saves.

Chris Fredlow says:

ahh ok… apology accepted then 🙂 and thanks for great saves comment

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