Sheffield Tournament Under 18s ice hockey between Peterborough Phantoms and the home team of Sheffield 9’7’2017
Sheffield tournament see the Peterborough Phantoms play Chelmsford under 18 ice hockey team
Peterborough Phantoms v Coventry ice hockey under 18 team at the Sheffield Tournament 9/7/2017
Peterborough Phantoms play North Aire Under 18 at the Sheffield Ice hockey tournament 8/7/2017
Ice hockey match played at the Sheffield under 18 tournament on the 8/7/2017 between the Peterborough Phantoms and the Swindon under 18s
Peterborough Phantoms and Bradford under 18 ice hockey team. Sheffield ice hockey tournament for under 18s age group 8 /7/ 2017 Match was cut short due to Peterborough netminder penalty
Under 15s Ice hockey game for third place between Peterborough Phantoms and Basingstoke at the Telford Tournament on 11/6/2017.
Peterborough Phantoms played the Fife team second time round at the Telford Ice hockey tournament on 11/6/2017
Telford Ice Hockey tournament game Peterborough Phantoms v Basingstoke re match game of the day under 15s 10/6/2017
Telford tournament game between Peterborough Phantoms and Telford tigers under 15 match . This was game 4 for Peterborough in the tournament 10/6/2017