Roller hockey with gopro helmet cam, Camarillo, California ( GoPro Hero HD camera r3 setting 720×60 frame. Final score 10-7W
Want to see how your hockey stick is constructed? This video shows how the shaft and the blade of the stick is put together. An interesting watch
Using your normal hockey stick on the road can easily and quickly wear it out. This is a simple way of reinforcing your hockey stick with a few metal strips so it does not wear out.
Choosing the correct hockey stick for your game  is an important part. There are usually a choice of wooden and carbon fiber. Left handed or Right handed as well as choice of length.
This video is of the Farmborough Arrows Under twelves junior match against the Midland roller stars at the BIPHA Nationals 2014
A good battle between the Midland Roller Stars and the Scotland Grizzles in the final game for the Under 12s inline roller Nationals 2014
Being able to shoot while still in stride, staying in balance and being able to fire a puck off to the net so the net minder doesn’t even see the puck being released from your hand. These hockey shots are strong and fast. This stops you having to fight with your hockey shots.
You can purchase a hockey puck re-bounder to help with your hockey training. This young lad made his own and saved himself a fortune.
Handling a puck or ball requires impressive hand, eye co-ordination. The chap in this hockey video shows how good you can get with practice. See how his training goes.
Training for shooting a puck properly towards the goal or net-minder to get a fast shot past or into your target. Proper stick handling is vital.This video shows the best technique for rotating the hands.