If you get into the world of ice hockey skates you realize that there is a range of makes, sizes and price range. Choosing the correct size and skate type can be a bit of a mind field so this video explains where to start.
There are several ways to shoot a puck. Many coaches will teach you one way only,   and claim shooting any other way,  you will have no power in your shot. This video shows you how you get a fast powerful shot even if you are shooting off the wrong foot ….as they say. Make [More]
If you are shopping for a new hockey stick, then one of the sticks on the market worth looking at could well be the Bauer Supreme One Matrix ice hockey stick.
This video gives a review of the Nexus 8000 ice hockey stick. The stick has a great puck feel with a great pop to the shot. A lightweight stick with a great balance point on it , this is definitely a stick worth checking out.
Using your normal hockey stick on the road can easily and quickly wear it out. This is a simple way of reinforcing your hockey stick with a few metal strips so it does not wear out.
Choosing the correct hockey stick for your game  is an important part. There are usually a choice of wooden and carbon fiber. Left handed or Right handed as well as choice of length.
An Under 11s junior ice hockey match between the South West Conference and Scotland.  Played at the Hull arena 2014
Junior ice hockey match between the Northern conference and the South West conference at the Hull Arena . The video is for the Under 13 group.
The Midlands under 13s verses the South West under 13s at the EIHA Conference for 2014. Both teams using the best players from their region
EIHA National finals for the Under 12s hockey at the Sheffield arena between the Bracknell Bumble Bees and the Guildford team. These two teams were the two top teams in the south of England who got to the final with two Northern teams ,Coventry and Sheffield.