If you get into the world of ice hockey skates you realize that there is a range of makes, sizes and price range. Choosing the correct size and skate type can be a bit of a mind field so this video explains where to start.
The tailor made stage 2 version of the RBZ  hockey stick has much sharper lines than the first RBZ. With Zero foam in blade to minimize weight for a faster, quicker shot. Trampoline effect is given when unloading on a shot for the ultimate power. Power Swing Technology gives you a finer flex all to [More]
There are several ways to shoot a puck. Many coaches will teach you one way only,   and claim shooting any other way,  you will have no power in your shot. This video shows you how you get a fast powerful shot even if you are shooting off the wrong foot ….as they say. Make [More]
NHL players show some of their accurate shooting skills and tricks that really show the skill set of these professional players.
If you play ice or roller hockey to a high standard you will find that at some stage your hockey stick will break. Even if your stick does not actually snap the chances are that dead will lose it’s flex. So this unbreakable stick could be the key.
Being able to shoot while still in stride, staying in balance and being able to fire a puck off to the net so the net minder doesn’t even see the puck being released from your hand. These hockey shots are strong and fast. This stops you having to fight with your hockey shots.
The art of being able to get a quick shot towards the hockey goal without having to stand sideways or wind back to get your hockey shot off. The techniques used in this video is perfect for shooting when you are in play.
A 12 year old boy goes through some extreme hockey training seasons to get him fit enough to play in the top leagues such as the NHL Testing strength and WILL POWER
You can purchase a hockey puck re-bounder to help with your hockey training. This young lad made his own and saved himself a fortune.
Handling a puck or ball requires impressive hand, eye co-ordination. The chap in this hockey video shows how good you can get with practice. See how his training goes.