The tailor made stage 2 version of the RBZ  hockey stick has much sharper lines than the first RBZ. With Zero foam in blade to minimize weight for a faster, quicker shot. Trampoline effect is given when unloading on a shot for the ultimate power. Power Swing Technology gives you a finer flex all to [More]
When a net-minder looses his temper on the ice, anything can happen, fights start,sticks get broken and even officials get it. If you love Ice hockey goalies Check out this video
When the NHL goal tenders come to centre stage of the ice and fight, risking being thrown out of the game. These NHL netminders leave no mercy.Best 1o
As the bench clearance got underway at the Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steellers ice hockey match the opposing  goal tenders just  had to have bash at each other too
When a fight breaks out between two ice hockey players, the two net-minders Lauren Brossiot and Ty Rimmer take centre ice and start fighting each other too. Two hockey fights for the price of one
Even the younger hockey players can get hot under the collar sometimes as this Under 12 s Bracknell and Cardiff ice team get going in the Bumble Rumble
It all kicked off after the goal tender Alex Mettan was ruffed by a Guildford player. During the course of the Ice hockey match between Bracknell Bees and Guildford flames several fights broke out after aggrieved players wanted their own back.
At an MK lightning Match in Milton Keynes, Chris Wiggens and Andre Payette drop their ice hockey gloves and scrap it out just after a face off,  with the lines men powerless to stop them