When a net-minder looses his temper on the ice, anything can happen, fights start,sticks get broken and even officials get it. If you love Ice hockey goalies Check out this video
Roller Derby is famous for it’s hits. Getting the jammer round the track is all very well to watch but really what the crowd wants is to see a roller derby player flying off the track in a heap
The LA Derby dolls show their best  hits of the roller Derby season. Unlike an  ice hockey check, these girls try to get these girls out of the track into the crowd.
Handling a puck or ball requires impressive hand, eye co-ordination. The chap in this hockey video shows how good you can get with practice. See how his training goes.
In 1995, two hockey players fight it out on the ice rink with neither player wanting to back down. As the two big men Steve Thomas and Rico Ciccone head butt and punch each other, the lines man gets punched out of the way as this ice hockey fight continues seemingly out of control.
The top  teams in Ice hockey have their top ice hockey players going head to head, throwing punches at each other. These fights are so heavyweight that even the referees are powerless to stop them. Even from the face off some of these teams are fighting already.
When the NHL goal tenders come to centre stage of the ice and fight, risking being thrown out of the game. These NHL netminders leave no mercy.Best 1o
In the game of inline  roller hockey if you can skate but cannot handle the puck then your game will be compromised.  This video shows the basic principals of controlling the puck to step your game up.
Being able to shoot while still in stride, staying in balance and being able to fire a puck off to the net so the net minder doesn’t even see the puck being released from your hand. These hockey shots are strong and fast. This stops you having to fight with your hockey shots.
A 12 year old boy goes through some extreme hockey training seasons to get him fit enough to play in the top leagues such as the NHL Testing strength and WILL POWER