Roller Hockey Match Video Bisley Bullets Farnborough Arrows

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Played at the Lord Roberts Centre Bisley, this Junior inline roller hockey match was played by two of the best teams in the area. The under 16s hockey match was played by the Bisley Bullets and the Farnborough Arrows team. The two twenty minute period running clock game saw a very close match throughout the match and it looked at some stage that Bisley Bullets were about to face their first defeat of the season.

During the second period The Bullets seemed to get in front by a goal and hold on to this lead for quite some time. Not long before the final whistle another goal was put in by the Bullets and it looked as though the Arrows would run out of time to even equalize. An exciting game to watch. If you are interested in watching more of the junior inline roller hockey matches by these two teams then follow the link here.

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