No Fights In Ice Hockey

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If you’re new to ice hockey you may of heard rumors of there being lets say certain unrest at some of the games. In my opinion this is totally untrue.

“I went to a fight once and an ice hockey match broke out!”

An absolutely rubbish statement in my opinion. Ice Hockey? nah you could not get a more placid game. If you ask me I’ve seen more heated action in a game of tiddly winks. So don’t let the talk of hockey fights put you off from watching an ice hockey match, I really can’t remember seeing anything in the slightest happen in the games I’ve been to.

What about all this talk about Bench Clearances?

What? No I believe that just means the ice rink has to clear the benches out of the rink once in a while just to do some cleaning and sprucing up of the facility occassionally. Honestly it’s all fine.

Anyway on to the ice hockey video above. Now in fact, the Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers may look to the untrained eye of ice hockey that they may not be playing the game quite to the rules. However this is indeed not the case as these two teams are so close to each other in vicinity and location they stop playing the game once in a while to chat, exchange each others shirts for momentus purposes. Try to polish each others helmets, exchange gloves and sticks and engage the refs into some syncronized dancing. That’s all. It’s all Good.